There are no short cuts in life. But surprisingly, there is a whole industry of short cuts: wise women and wise men bringing intuitive, channeled, and self-realized messages. These messages talk of how we create our reality, how intentions are the creative force of our lives, how visualizing success leads to success. 

I am not a wise man. I have no messages to bring. I have no authority over such matters. However, it is my opinion that all these 'messages' offer short cuts and in my own experience short cuts tell half-truths. 

My experience of life teaches me that life can not be fathomed. Things happen to us that we can not possibly understand, let alone be responsible for. We create our reality in a very narrow sense that we have just one choice -- do we follow life or try to control it. That's it. Very few people actually follow life wherever she takes us. Most people try to control life. When we are told that we create our reality we are asked to take control of our life. That is a very impoverished understanding of what we are here to do in life. We are not here to create abundance, or be happy, or forgive people, or say, "I know I created my own cancer -- I am to blame, now I can force myself to magically get rid of it since I create my reality." This viewpoint is all about control. I control life--My life is out of control--I will read the books and listen to the recordings of this wise person--I will regain control of my life. 

But control is violence. To follow is nonviolence. In the industry of short-cuts, violence trumps nonviolence. Few people simply follow life in all its complicated richness. That's how I try to live my life. I try.

By now it is widely accepted by many people with a spiritual bent that intentions matter. That to live a good life, a full life, we must practice holding intentions. But intentions are control, it is choosing to control life rather than follow her. We can hold intentions but holding intentions are practicing control, which is violence. I like the nonviolent path of not holding intentions but rather simply following where life takes me. 

Visualization is also control. It is violence. I prefer to visualize nothing. I prefer to follow life, the nonviolent path. 

The problem with creating our reality, intentions, and visualizations is not that they do not work--they do! My problem with all three approaches is that they are half-truths. I do not for a moment believe that our lives are what they seem to be. We are multidimensional! While the three approaches can create all kinds to things in three dimensions they are violent and screw things up and limit life experience in multiple dimensions. 

Our reality does not have an objective, independent reality, outside of us. Our reality is us. If we are trying to shape, to improve, to control our lives it means that we don't really understand who we are. We are magnificent, multidimensional beings. The reality we are aware of is a tiny little three dimensional spot in an infinite multidimensional space which is our Reality.

The messages of the wise women and wise men do not show an understanding of Reality (multidimensional) only reality (three dimensional). We can certainly create our reality but we can not create our Reality, which is beyond our capacity to even fathom. 

In creating our reality we use violence. We can set intentions, we can visualize, and these will certainly affect our reality. But when we do so we choose controlling life over following life, violence over nonviolence. We mess with things we don't understand. 

So this is what I understand about myself: I am magnificent, multidimensional energy, not what I think of as my reality. I have only one choice: to control or to follow. I choose to follow. Which means that I do not create my reality, I do not set intentions, and I do not visualize. 

I simply follow life. I do not 'like' that my partner has stage four cancer, that I am jobless, that one day my savings will run out, that my life is very hard. But I don't try to change anything. I simply follow, willingly, life where she leads me. 

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