The journey from I-may-be-wrong to I-don't-know

Meditation is the journey from I-may-be-wrong to I-don't know. 

We worry. We take action. We worry some more. Why do we worry? We worry because here we are taking action and that action could be insufficient or even wrong. At the root of it is the fear, I-may-be-wrong, and then what's going to happen? 

Uncertainty-Action-Worry-More Uncertainty and so on is the pattern that many of us find ourselves in. Meditation moves us away from I-may-be-wrong. We disengage those parts of ourselves that imagine ourselves in certainty followed by worry about the reliability of that certainty. 

When we meditate we simply pay attention. It is not a passive state. Our bodies call out to us with physical sensations. We listen. In the state of I-don't-know, we are able to be still and watch ourselves. We are more than the doers of things. We are also witnesses.

We accept that we don't know. We can not be wrong when we simply don't know. That's the I-don't-know state.

Peace, love, and community,


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