Meditation and evolution of human consciousness

The evolution of human consciousness follows the same pattern as the evolution of our practice of meditation. There are three steps in this process.

1. The Plan

In the first step towards greater consciousness we live our lives by a plan. We either follow a socially prescribed one or imagine what we want and then make a plan to get it. When the plan doesn't work the way we imagined it would, we create a new plan, a better plan, and follow it. 

When we start a meditation practice we pick carefully structured processes that we can follow and a system for the development of our consciousness. When our meditation practice doesn't work we abandon it and pick another, equally structured one. 

In this way of living, human consciousness has very limited expression. Its evolution is minimal, but it is present. 

2. Intention

At some point our consciousness evolves to the point where we see plans as limiting and move our attention to intentions instead. We set positive intentions for our lives and meditation and are often rewarded with the manifestation of our intentions. 

The interesting thing about intentions is that holding them does work but is ultimately limiting. As human beings we can not possibly know and understand all the possibilities inherent in a single moment let alone an entire life. We get what we ask for, but is what we, as three dimensional human beings, ask for, anywhere close to the multidimensional potentials of the moment?

In this step there is what appears to be a great leap of consciousness. However the potential of human consciousness is far beyond that which is tapped into by holding intentions. 

3. Following life

The third step in the evolution of human consciousness is that of simply following life by paying attention moment by moment. We stop judging things as good or bad. We hold no intentions, no expectations. 

In our meditation practice we simply follow the predominant physical sensation in our body and keep following even as it evolves into colors, images, words, and wordless knowings. 

When we follow life we do not try to make things happen. We simply pay undivided attention to what is actually happening in the moment. 

When we follow life we tap into that infinite potential that we call our selves. 

Meditation is consciousness, and consciousness is life. We are consciousness, and consciousness in its fullest expression needs no plans, no intentions, just following. 

Peace and love,


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