We meditate to integrate

By paying attention to our body we become aware firstly of our body, and secondly of our awareness of our body. 

The predominant physical sensation in our body naturally draws our attention to it. Following this becomes our first act of awareness. Awareness then expands to include colors, images, words, and knowings. 

Later we become aware of the awareness of our body. This is our second act of awareness. We start seeing the effects of our meditation on our physical lives and in the material world. 

Thus meditation is not only a movement from the dense to the subtle but also simultaneously a movement from the subtle to the dense. It is not just leaving the world and climbing up to the top of the peak of the great mountain. It is also bringing the peak down to our lives and to the great, imperfect, heavy world around us. 

Meditation is a cycle and both parts, the up and the down, are equally important. We don't meditate to escape but to integrate.

Peace and love,


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