Satyagraha of the soul

All life is interconnected, not only in our world, on our earth, right now, but across the cosmos, in all worlds, and at all times. When life brings us something, pleasant or unpleasant, wanted or unwanted, we discharge past rna, or spiritual debts, in all worlds and at all times. 

We treat all experience with equilibrium, poise, and acceptance; we engage in deep listening. We acknowledge that past spiritual debts have been repaid; we respond from that place of deep listening rather than react to what is happening. 

If we react to what life brings us with further action that comes from the will, we lose touch with our selves. We force things to happen and in doing so create rnanubandhana, or spiritual debt bondage. 

Once when Gandhi was walking down a 'whites-only' sidewalk (a sidewalk thus designated by the whim of a bullying policeman) in South Africa, he was attacked and badly beaten by a policeman. Friends and supporters who rushed to rescue him urged him to proceed against the policeman. Gandhi simply said, "I have pocketed the insult," and having thus forgiven the man, spoke no more about the incident. However, in the next few years, he created Satyagraha, put it into action, and brought hope and justice to all people of color in South Africa, and eventually all over the world. 

Meditation is a nonviolent practice. It is inner SatyagrahaSatyagraha of the soul. We never force anything to happen. We pay attention to our own bodies, sensing the predominant physical sensation nd listening deeply to it. When colors, images, and emotions come up, we listen deeply to them, returning to our predominant physical sensation when they run their course. When our predominant physical sensation travels and changes character and intensity, we follow it with our attention. 

Every minute spent in meditation allows us to discharge our past spiritual debts, be less reactive and more nonviolent in our daily lives, and be free of spiritual debt bondage.

We need less force and more love in our lives. And love is just another word for deep listening

Peace and love,


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