We are the change

We cannot change circumstances, events, and people. But we can change ourselves. Gandhi asked us to "be the change you wish to see." We cannot be the change by willing it. To be the change we must meditate. 

All life consists of the dense and the subtle. The world of matter, what we think of as reality, is dense. The subtle consists of energy patterns that are just as real as matter, though invisible and unknown to the dense. 

In everyday life we often work only with the dense, trying to make things happen with great effort. This is a very difficult approach to change. Great effort in the realm of the dense often leads to little real change. 

When we begin to meditate, we bring the subtle to the dense. We feel the dense in our bodies as physical sensations. By focusing on the predominant physical sensation in our own body, we join the subtle (focus) to the dense (physical sensations). 

We don't try to change anything. In meditation we are the change. We simply pay undivided attention, a state that I call deep listening. We may experience shifting bodily sensations. Sometimes colors, images, or memories appear. We listen deeply to whatever comes up. When the episode of colors, images, or memories runs its course, we return to the predominant physical sensation as the base of our meditation. 

If we really want to change our reality we must make meditation our reality. It is the union of the subtle and the dense that makes us the change we wish to see. 

When we change the world changes.



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