The energy ball

I sit with my hands comfortably in my lap, palms facing up and slightly facing each other. I feel a ball of energy in my hands. If I watch this energy ball very carefully and with patience, it will change in color, size, and shape.

Sometimes it is a little, soft, golden ball of energy. At other times the ball turns into a blue crystal tower shooting up from my palms. When I play with the energy ball with others, our energies seem to blend. I do not control the process. I understand my work to be simply to engage deeply, to focus on what is happening.

Each of us, regardless of who we are or what we do, has our own energy ball. As children we intuitively know what to do with a ball. We were all children once so we can trust that we'll know what to do with our own energy ball if we take it out and play.

Peace and love,


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