We are gathered in a circle. We are among friends and the conversation moves to meditation. 

Someone says, "When I meditate it brings out the best in me. When I don't it brings out the worst in me." There is a murmur of agreement in the circle. 

Then silence. 

They wait for me to say something.
I say:

The best and the worst and everything in between is a part of us. We are each if us a Mussolini and a Mother Teresa. We are perfect violence and perfect nonviolence. We are greed and selfless service. 

What meditation does is that it makes clear to us who we really are. When we see that evil, corruption, selfishness as well as good, truth, selflessness are us we develop compassion for ourselves

It is only when we develop perfect compassion for ourselves that we are able to embrace others, the world. 

That is when we realize that we are one and love is the only answer.

Peace and love,


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