We can not change what happens out there in the world. If there is violence out there it is because human beings are violent. We are violent. Violence is not separate from us.

I am 13. I am sitting in the Aurobindo Ashram meditating. And suddenly and very easily I understand that we are one. It changes my life. Later, over the years I find others who have had this experience. The great philosopher J. Krishnamurti wrote about this happening to him when he was a child.

If we accept the insight gained from a meditation practice that we are one, then I must accept that violence is not only out there, it is also in us. If it is in us then it is in me.

The problem is not that violence is out there, the problem is that I am violent. And greedy, and selfish, and lustful, and materialistic, and ignorant, and mistrustful, and demeaning of others.

I am all that and that is the problem we are faced with. 

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